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Our Founder, Jennie Lake, is honored to be such a valued resource to so many people. Our many clients include: Universities and Colleges, Employee Emergency Assistance Programs, Veterans, Youth Services, Court, Probation and Parole Departments, Children and Family Service Agencies, and more. Most importantly however, we help educate people just like you on how to end their painful behavior, and find the joy for life again.

Our classes, taken either in-person, or with our ALS Program, include: Anger Management Classes, Positive Parenting, Healthy Relationship, Domestic Violence, Ending Addiction, Ending Depression, Stress Reduction Classes, PTSD, Ending Self-Abuse Classes, and more.

In addition, we also provide Probation approved Court Ordered Classes including: Anger Management, Child Abuse, and our certified - BIP - Batterer Intervention Domestic Violence Program in-person, and to people worldwide using our Advanced Learning System.

Our classes, and group settings, use an approach that works for all people regardless of age, cultural background, level of education, personality, gender or other variable. The reason our approach works with such a wide variety of clients is that we are using a set of principles that are universal to all human beings and to all human experience.

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Life Wisdom Foundation programs are available online; we have the ONLY Virtual Classroom of its kind. We have Anger Management Classes, Parenting Classes, Domestic Violence Classes, and many other Approved and Certified Court Ordered Classes  please call us at:  1.800.918.7990 - Low Cost Court Ordered Classes are State Approved - Online Anger Management Classes, Online Domestic Violence Classes  & Online Parenting Classes for Personal, Job and Court Ordered Classes.

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If you need to take Anger Management Classes, Parenting Classes, or Domestic Violence Classes please contact us. Are you an employer, service provider or court/probation department - We can help!
"The Life Wisdom Foundation helped us with parenting classes when we needed it the most. Their unique classroom helped us save our marriage."
Alex & Linda Ackerman, Indiana
"After doing something I will always regret, I was directed to take their low cost court ordered classes. Jennie helped me wake back up inside and get my life back ontrack."
Jesus Rosa, Texas
"Expressing myself with anger and feeling insecure inside was how I lived for so-long. Jennie showed me how to be a loving and kind human being again... THANK YOU!"
Cathy Lorence-Bowen, New York
"I was grateful to find a program that I could attend in the comfort of my own home. This allowed me the opportunity to talk about the domestic violence I caused. I may not have discussed this in a room full of straingers."
Mark Redman, Ohio
"After losing both of our jobs when the company we worked for closed down our family was devestated. Jennie helped us get through a very difficult time in our lives due to our anger and panic problems. If you have ever thought about getting help Jennie is the place to go.."
Susan & Thomas Doyle, Colorado
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Why suffer... when you don't have to?
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We have both;  In-House, and State of the Art Virtual Classrooms.

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